Ministry Team

Rev. Sarah Stevens, Lead Pastor (with her husband Raymond and son Blake)

Pastor Sarah has been on staff since 2012, working alongside the leadership. Sarah’s focus was on the youth in the community and their families. She did some congregational care, along with weddings and funerals, and crisis and conflict resolution. Sarah came on staff as our lead pastor as of August 1st and we couldn’t be more excited!

Pastor Sarah came to the Lord when she was 19. She was studying to be a psychologist at St. Thomas University where she received her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in psychology and religious studies. After hearing from different mentors and others that she should go into ministry, she prayed about it and felt God leading her to study at Acadia Divinity College. Sarah received her Masters of Divinity with a specialization in prison ministry which she carried into her volunteer time at the Waterville Youth Prison and Springhill Penitentiary.

After Sarah took her mentored ministry course and spent time learning and ministering in a church, she felt God saying to her that “people in the Church are also broken and behind bars” and Sarah grew in her love for God’s people just as much as those who were on the margins of society.

Sarah accepted the call to be our Associate pastor in 2012 where she worked in her gifts of evangelism, mercy and encouragement to the community youth of Aldershot and their families. Many youth who were atheists would walk into Sarah’s youth group and leave Christians. Sarah has had the honor of leading many teens to Christ as well as their parents.

Sarah has a heart for the Church and the community and we are excited that God has brought her here to Bethany. We look forward to the vision that God has planned for us as we listen together as the body of Christ.

To reach Pastor Sarah you can:

Call or text: 902-670-7077


Leave a message at the church office: 902.678.3198

Music Director – Rachel Shaw:

Administrative Assistant – Alison Brathwaite – church office: 902.678.3198. Email:


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