Ministry Team

Rev. Sarah Stevens, Associate Pastor (with her husband Raymond and son Blake) 

Pastor Sarah has been on staff since 2012 where she has worked closely with the lead pastor (Rev. Thelma McLeod who has recently finished her 12 year ministry at Bethany). Pastor Sarah has worked with the youth in the community and their families. She is now helping the church in their time of transition along with Pastor Michael Shaw, doing Pastoral Care and Sunday morning worship services. 

To reach Pastor Sarah you can:

Call or text: 902-670-7077

Mission Pastor Michael Shaw

Pastor Michael works in the area of helping the church move forward. He has done countless hours of research in the area of church culture and current culture and the chasm that exists between the two. He is working with the church to show us where we are and where we could go in crossing this great chasm that exists. Pastor Michael also helps with the preaching and Sunday morning services along with doing workshops and presentations. 

Leave a message at the church office: 902.678.3198

Music Director – Rachel Shaw:

Administrative Assistant – Alison Brathwaite – church office: 902.678.3198. Email:




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