Youth Group

Our Summertime events have begun for our youth group!

Click here for our general calendar of events

Our Youth group here at Bethany is a very active one! We have recently come up with a vision, mission, and community projects that we would like to do. We are a group that is uncovering who God is, why He is important in our lives, and who we are in Him. We learn very relevant lessons each week that we can apply to our lives and different situations that we may be facing. Many youth who have come to our youth group were not once believers, and after meeting God through the lessons each week and the overall experience of youth group, have come to know Him personally and believe in Him. Exciting things are happening here and we would love for you to join us as we learn and grow together!

This Jan through June we walked through a series on mental health awareness. We looked at mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, bi-polar, schizophrenia, phobias, and more. Each week there are videos, testimonies, definitions, discussion time, helps provided and scripture to make each lesson a well rounded one.

My goal  in doing this series with our youth is because mental health is not talked about enough. I hope to normalize the discussion around mental health and break the stigmas that are attached to the reality of the above disorders. So many people are struggling with their mental health and feel alone in the midst of it. My hope is that this series will unlock that fear of talking about our own mental health with each other and that the youth will walk away each week with more knowledge, less ignorance, and tools that can help them and others suffering with mental health issues.

As we discuss issues and concerns of living a teen’s life, have fun and go on off-site adventures, my goal as the Youth (Associate) Pastor is to give lessons and topics that align with the spiritual goals that help them in their lives and in their spiritual walk.

The spiritual goals for this group, ages 12-18 are:

  1. Explore who I am in Christ
  2. Learn about the way God made me
  3. Learn about healthy relationships with others
  4. Experience God’s love working through me in service to others and to my community
  5. Experience a relationship with Christ that changes my life


While we have taken a break for the Summertime from our regular Friday night routine, we will revisit specific Mental Health awareness and issues as well as other topics this Fall. As you will see form our calendar link (at the top of page) we have many fun events planned. Some are still in the works and will be posted when confirmed.

Some events we are planning are: beach/bonfire & lake trips; community service projects; visiting seniors homes; volunteering at classes for Newcomers learning English; BBQ & Car wash fundraisers; bowling, and hoping to visiting Oaklawn farm.


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