Babies & Toddlers

The spiritual goals for these two age groups are foundational for their spiritual journey!  We teach through modelling:

Nursery space, ages 0 – 2

  1. Jesus loves me!
  2. God made me!
  3. Church is a happy place to be!

Children’s space, ages 3 & 4

  1. That God made everything.
  2. Jesus is my best friend.
  3. I can talk with Jesus anywhere, any time, about anything!
  4. The Bible is God’s special book.

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For your babies and toddlers under 5 years old we have a bright, clean and child centered space designed for your peace of mind while you worship God in the sanctuary. We have trained leaders for these special ‘wee’ children of God, leaders who are police check and child abuse registry cleared.

Here our goal is to care for your babies and toddlers in a safer child friendly environment!

As parents and guardians of God’s precious children, how can we support you in nourishing, guiding, and teaching your child about God’s great love as they grow!

We welcome babies and young children in the sanctuary, and we also know that you as parents and guardians want to focus on your own worship of God during the service. So speak to a greeter at the door for directions to the Nursery/Children’s room so you can decide if or when you want to access them throughout any point in the service. There is also a speaker feed of the service into that room located on a shelf, just turn on the speaker to hear the worship service while caring for your little ones!


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