Discovery Kingdom

We are very happy to announce that our children will once again have lessons downstairs during church. We are being cautious, and are following provincial guidelines, so we would urge parents to prepare their children beforehand.

  1. Please let Jennie know by each Saturday if your child(children) is coming so that we can prepare their space. You can either email at or call 902 678 1545. Please leave a message if there is no answer.
  • Please screen your child according to the Nova Scotian Covid 19 checklist before bringing him or her to church. Please do not bring children who are experiencing a fever or a cough, or any two of the other symptoms: sore throat, runny nose, headache or shortness of breath.
  •  Each child will have his/her assigned space and supplies and will be expected to respect the spaces and supplies of others.  Please emphasize this with your children.
  • The teachers will wear a mask. It is optional for the children.
  • The children will go downstairs with the teachers. The parents are asked to come downstairs after the service to get their children, and to exit by the rear door to the parking lot. We will show the children the way so that they can make sure their parents do not get lost!
  • All frequently used areas will be sanitized before and after the lesson, and hand sanitizer will be available for the children to use.
  •  IF the teachers provide snacks, they will be individually wrapped. There will be no sharing.

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