Month: August 2017


On August 12th, from 10-1 at the County Fair Mall, our youth group will be selling some delicious baked goods to raise funds for their events and activities they do throughout the year. Come and get some homemade treats and spread the word! Reasonably priced and undeniably tasty! 😁

speed meets

“Speed Meets”!
August 9th from 6-7:15 pm in our CE Centre:

A youth thought it would be a cool idea if we got together with the members of the church to get to know them more. They suggested doing it in a “speed dating” kind of way (except not dating), where each person has only 5 minutes to move from one person to the next. Once the buzzer goes off, they would go to the next person, getting to know them as well. There will be some pre-made discussion questions at each table for anyone who might want to use them and some snacks to follow.

Come out and get to know our youth! Because they want to know you!