Day: February 7, 2014


Tired of not living life the way you know it could be lived? Seeking a fresh start? Searching for meaning, purpose, love and acceptance? Join us tonight as we begin to look at the basics of the Christian faith: Who Jesus is, how do we have faith? and the Trinity. Youth group is at 7 pm! Join us tonight as we explore the questions you may be seeking answers for.

Following Christ Into Prison

Rev. Mike Veenema and Pastor Sarah Stevens brought a message on Sunday that was on prison ministry. Rev. Mike Veenema works as the full-time chaplain at the Waterville Youth Centre and Sarah Stevens our Associate Pastor here at Bethany, has done prison ministry in both Springhill penitentiary and now in the Waterville Youth Centre with Mike. The message presented some personal stories, experience, statistics, and an overall message of love and equality for those behind bars. Christ also did time in prison and was convicted of a crime, He too can relate with inmates and cares for them just as much as those who are not in prison. Listen to the message here: Following Christ Into Prison, Feb 2nd, 2014