Month: February 2014

Shoulder to Shoulder!

This Sunday, Feb. 16th Shoulder-to-Shoulder will be with us for our church service! We are really excited about this and want you to join us at 11 am this Sunday! The Shoulder to Shoulder Band has been touring Nova Scotia schools and other Entertainment events for many years with a message about Diversity and Equality. They have a soulful sound to them and play various songs that are known by many.  They have been together for about 21 years. They have played for a number of different audiences from local churches, schools, Theme Parks and Young Offender Facilities. The band plays a variety of musical styles and is therefore appealing to all ages. Check out their Facebook page here for more details. You can also find many photos and events of theirs here as well. We hope you can join us as we are blessed together by the gift of music. 


Tired of not living life the way you know it could be lived? Seeking a fresh start? Searching for meaning, purpose, love and acceptance? Join us tonight as we begin to look at the basics of the Christian faith: Who Jesus is, how do we have faith? and the Trinity. Youth group is at 7 pm! Join us tonight as we explore the questions you may be seeking answers for.