We are turning 52!!

Join us this Sunday, March 3rd as we celebrate our 52nd Anniversary.

We are so pleased to welcome Dr. Jeremiah Johnston from Acadia Divinity College as our guest speaker.

“Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston is a Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Assistant to the President in Development at Acadia Divinity College of Acadia University, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, since June 1, 2012.  In partnership with Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, he received his Ph.D. from Middlesex University (UK).  Jeremiah received his M.A. in Theology from Acadia University (Canada), his M.Div. at Midwestern Theological Seminary (USA), and his B.A. in Biblical Studies at Midwestern College (USA).

Dr. Johnston is also the founder of Christian Thinkers Society established in February 2011, and is a recognized expert on early Christian literature –‘why/how Christianity changed the world’.

Dr. Johnston is a master storyteller, apologist, scholar, and sought-after speaker on university campuses and popular venues. His passion is equipping people to give intellectually informed accounts of what Christians believe in the public sphere and what impact those answers make on the betterment of society.

Dr. Johnston is a published author of scholarly journals, books, and reviews. His Christian Thinkers Society has gone viral and features interviews / symposiums / broadcasts with the world’s brightest thinkers speaking to issues of faith, culture, and society.

He and his wife, Audrey, reside in Halifax with their two young children, Lily Faith and Justin.”

For more information on Dr. Johnston check out the following websites:



This week’s Message:  12 Laws for Living Without Regrets                                             Scripture: Acts 20:13–38

Dr. Jeremiah Johnston


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