Remembrance Day Service

A Photo From our Remembrance Day Service Pastor Thelma McLeod taking a moment for a photo with members of the International Students of the Junior Commander Staff Course at Camp Aldershot, who agreed to march in the flags for our Remembrance Day Service, Sunday November 6th, 2011. Some of the nations include; Nigeria, Kenya, Peru,Continue reading “Remembrance Day Service”

Bible Study, November 7th, 2011

Bible Study – Mark 9:1-29 Tonight at Bible Study, we will be enjoying a study of Mark 9:1-29, which includes Mark’s version of the Transfiguration, and Jesus healing a boy¬† possessed by an unclean spirit. Focusing on the confirmation that Jesus is the Son of God, sent to die on behalf of sinners. It willContinue reading “Bible Study, November 7th, 2011”