Day: October 25, 2011

Pumpkin’s for Sale!

Once again we will be selling pumpkins this fall, with all of the proceeds going to the Valley Food-Grains Bank in conjunction with CIDA (The Canadian International Development Agency).  All funds raised during this project will be used to help families in Africa purchase seed and farm tools needed to grow crops.  In addition to this, all of the funds raised are matched 4 to 1 by the Canadian government!

A sign up sheet for this project is located in the foyer. Please indicate the number of pumpkins wanted and the size preferred. If you wish to donate to this project, but do not feel the need for a pumpkin please speak to Sherry Harvey or Kathy Griffin.  The purchase price of pumpkins is a donation; however, we do ask for a minimum donation of $2 to cover the cost from our local farmer.

Please sign up by Sunday, October 23rd. The pumpkins will be available for pick up on Tuesday, October 25th between 3-5pm (CE Centre).

Thank you for your support of this amazing project again this year.